It’s great to visit the main attractions when you’re on your holidays, but sometimes it can be fun to root out some of the less well known treasures. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Model of Scarborough

St Andrew’s United Reform Church on Ramshill Road houses an intriguing hidden gem. A large model of medieval Scarborough can be seen here, and fascinates adults and children alike. Discover how the town has changed over the centuries, and marvel at the miniature streets and buildings.

Hayburn Wyck

A short drive away from Scarborough itself, Hayburn Wyck can be discovered by walking through the woods from the car park of the Hayburn Wyck Inn. A short walk will bring you to a secluded sea inlet, backed by dramatic cliffs. Here a waterfall splashes directly onto the rocky beach, creating a peaceful ‘secret’ picnic spot. Children will love the waterfall and rocky beach, and adults will love the peace and quiet.

The Scarborough Fair Collection

Often overlooked, this fantastic attraction was given the Hidden Gem Award by Visit England in 2014. Located at the Flower of May Holiday Park, it is a collection of vintage cars, steam engines, mechanical organs and fairground rides collected between the late 80’s and 2008 by farmer Graham Atkinson.

Favourites include a 1928 caterpillar ride and gallopers from 1893.

Pesky Husky Trekking Centre

There are 30 sled dogs waiting to meet you at this attraction with a difference. You can choose between a kennel visit, Hiking with the dogs or Trekking. Trekking involves riding a two-wheeled off-road scooter as it is pulled around the purpose built trail by a team of beautiful huskies.

Open Top Bus Tours

If you’ve been to the town before, you may think you’ve seen it all. But think again - an open top bus tour can open your eyes to things you’ve never noticed before, and you’ll love seeing your favourite seaside town from a new perspective. You can buy Hop On / Hop Off tickets to travel between other attractions.

Hairy Bob’s Cave

You might feel a bit silly asking the locals to direct you to Hairy Bob’s Cave, but we promise that they’ll know exactly where to point you in. A short climb up a steep path and you’ll be confronted with a ‘cave house’ the kids will fall in love with. It’s totally free to visit, and the views are lovely. Who exactly Hairy Bob was remains a mystery.

Betton Farm

Set in the village of East Ayton, a short drive away from the town centre, this is a lovely venue for adults and children to spend an afternoon. There is a tea room serving delicious lunches, and play area with ride-ons for little ones. But best of all, there is a small petting farm where you can meet chickens, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, lambs and piglets. Lovely for a lingering lunch.

Rotunda Museum

The Rotunda Museum building is worth a visit in itself, but it also holds an intriguing collection of artefacts from the local area. Mysterious objects, including a deer skull headdress, from the stone age site at Star Carr invite you to guess at the rituals they may have been used in. And you can learn all about Gristhorpe Man - a bronze age skeleton and coffin which is Britain’s best example of a tree burial.

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