Holidaying in a seaside resort doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you know where to look, there are often many things you can do to while away the lazy afternoons and evenings without spending anything. Here are a few ideas to get you started in Scarborough.

Peasholm Park

This unique park is open all year round and is completely free to visit. It has a Japanese theme with beautiful Japanese style buildings surrounding a tranquil lake. There are all kinds of boats to hire for a trip on the water, including dragon headed pedalos, canoes, and traditional row boats.

The beautiful glen is home to a stream with small ponds, one of which hosts the regular Peasholm Park Naval Battle - a battle between model boats, which children love.

Hairy Bob’s Skatepark

It may not be as old or as mysterious as Hairy Bob’s Cave, but Hairy Bob’s Skatepark is almost as much of a hit with the kids. It’s free to enter, and the park is always open, with floodlights in the evenings.A great place to spend a couple of hours without spending any cash.

Hairy Bob’s Cave

Perched above Hairy Bob’s Skatepark is the mysterious rock from which the name originated. A short climb up a steep path and you’ll be confronted with a ‘cave house’ the kids will fall in love with. It’s totally free to visit, and the views from it are lovely. Who exactly Hairy Bob was, though, remains a mystery.

Sea Life Centre

If you’d love to visit the Sea Life Centre but just can’t stretch to cover the admission, why not visit for free? If you look out for one of their regular beach cleans to attend, you can do something good for local wildlife and each person who helps get a free day pass in return. What’s not to love?

Hayburn Wyck

A short drive away from Scarborough itself, Hayburn Wyck can be discovered by walking through the woods from the car park of the Hayburn Wyck Inn. A short walk will bring you to a secluded sea inlet, backed by dramatic cliffs. Here a waterfall splashes directly onto the rocky beach, creating a peaceful ‘secret’ picnic spot. Children will love the waterfall and rocky beach, and adults will love the peace and quiet.

Scarborough Beach

Every holiday has to include a trip (or three) to the beach. At Scarborough you can choose from two beaches - South Bay, nearest the town, and North Bay, just along Marine Drive. Both are great for families, but if you’re trying not to spend any money, North Bay might have less to tempt you. There are beach huts for hire and free public toilets but fewer shops and cafes, making for a quieter feel. South Bay has more of the traditional seaside entertainments, including donkey rides, trampolines and rides, ice-cream parlours and shops.

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