Image for Barrel Rolling: Enjoy a Day of Entertainment and Drink in Grantchester

The small village of Grantchester springs into life on Boxing Day every year as the annual barrel rolling event ‘rolls’ into the streets. Crowds of people begin to emerge until midday where you’ll start to see people racing passed, tumbling behind an empty beer barrel.

The barrel rolling day started in the 1960s but was discontinued for a while, until recently being organized and resurrected, much to the delight of Grantchester and its inhabitants.

After the barrel rolling is finished, a rampant and fun after-party commences in the local pub where people continue to enjoy the Christmas period. It’s a fun day for all who are involved, and children will love watching barrels rumbling down the streets (although perhaps skip on the after-party if you’re bringing children!)

There is also a wonderful riverside walk which goes from Cambridge to Grantchester, so if you want to escape the madness for a bit you can go and enjoy the tranquility of the riverside for a while. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re in or around the Cambridge area then there are no excuses for missing out on this wonderful event.

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