Image for Blackpool Air Show: Witness Some of the Greatest Planes in Blackpool!

Blackpool hosts an annual air show to showcase some of the greatest planes that have graced the skies. It takes place in August, starting around 12 noon over two days. The day itself sees both modern and classic planes take off and soar around in front of great crowds.

If you’re a plane fanatic then you’ll absolutely love this weekend away which is also great for families and people of all ages. There’s a collection of different models, whether they’re stealth jets or the more commonly known Red Arrows. Regardless of whether you’ve seen them before, there’s something magical about watching the Red Arrows fill the skies with colour and character.

Plane fanatic or not, you’ll find yourself immensely entertained as you watch the different planes roar passed you. So make a note and if you have nothing planned then find your way to Blackpool for a day out you won’t forget.

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