Image for Broadstairs Food Festival: Experience a Three Day Food Event in Victoria Garden!

Everyone loves food and the Broadstairs Food Festival allows us to indulge without the guilty feeling of being greedy. It takes place at the end of September, starting on the 29th of September and running until the 1st of October, meaning you can kick off October with a fun festival.

It’s completely free to go and see and offers a chance to try out different tastes and flavours, making it perfect for kids who are yet to explore the full range of tastes their palette is capable of.

The festival features a lot of Thanet and Kentish foods, boasting everything from meats and cheeses to wines and ales. There’s also a wide range of pastries, cakes, pickles, breads and everything in-between. Once you’ve mingled among the hundreds of stalls, you can meet the people producers of the food, stock up for the journey home and even take part in cooking demonstrations.

If you get hungry and don’t fancy the food from the stalls, you can also visit the pop-up restaurant and enjoy the views of the ocean. It’s a great day for any age and will keep families thoroughly entertained throughout the day.

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