Image for Burning the Clocks: A Great Community Event in Brighton!

The Burning the Clocks festival has been carried out for over 20 years, taking place on the 21st of December to celebrate the shortest day of the year. It consists of hundreds of lanterns, all of which have a lot of thought and creativity put into them. There’s a parade of over 2000 people and a stream of luminous lanterns that’ll leave a light in your memory of the fun and entertainment.

You can order a lantern making kit so you can make 2 lanterns for yourself to take on the day, and the money all helps continue to support the event. Usually there is a turn-out of over 20,000 spectators so it’s advisable to get there early, or even the day before.

Once the parade has reached the beach, people pass their lanterns into a huge bon-fire before enjoying a magnificent firework show which is stunning and perfectly fits in well with the evening.  If you want a celebration which takes some of the emphasis away from the more commercial aspects of Christmas, then the Burning the Clocks festival is the event for you to enjoy.

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