Image for Cheese Rolling: Join in or Witness the Mayhem in Gloucestershire!

Every spring bank holiday Monday, a small Gloucestershire village welcomes the annual cheese rolling contest, which is for many, a highlight of the year. This event has been going on for many, many years and is worth witnessing, or taking part in, at least once.

There are several races throughout the day, some are uphill and don’t involve cheese, whereas others are aimed at younger participants. The main event however involves at least two competitors and a maximum of around 20. They’ll get into their starting positions at the top of the hill and the Master of Ceremonies begins a countdown, or count-up. Once he gets to three, he releases the cheese down the hill before shouting “Four to be off!” at which point anyone taking part will launch themselves down the hill. The first person to the bottom is the winner although second and third place win a prize too.

Spectators come from all over Europe to witness people literally tumbling down the hill after a block of cheese, however the atmosphere is fantastic and it can be a great day for everyone involved. If you are considering entering the contest, then please keep in mind that injuries are an inevitable part of falling down a hill, so make sure you’re aware of the risks that could happen should you fall.

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