Image for Christmas Markets: Get Into the Festive Spirit With These Magical Markets!

You know when Christmas is on the horizon when Christmas markets start to pop up over the country. Three great ones that are worth a visit are listed below.

Bath: The Christmas market in Bath takes place from November to December and consists of around 170 different stalls, almost all of which stock and sell items or produce from the local area or by local suppliers. The stalls surround the Roman Baths and once you’ve explored your fair share you can enjoy the entertainment on offer, such as glow in the dark crazy golf!

Birmingham: The German market in Birmingham is the largest German market you’ll find outside of Germany. It’s a fantastic day and you’ll get to enjoy plenty of meat and beer, if you’re into that kind of thing. There are also a lot of homemade gifts from local artists too.

Cardiff: You’ll find a lot of artwork on offer at the Cardiff Christmas market, along with photographs, posters, toys, outfits, jewelry and everything else you can think of in-between. Santa rides through town on this sleigh too which is always fun for children to witness.

Whilst the UK has more than it’s fair share of Christmas markets to keep you exploring the country for many years to come, there are plenty of wonderful traditional Christmas markets across Europe too that are worth splurging to visit.

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