Image for Dorset Knob Throwing: A Festival of Buns, Food and Knob-Races!

First things first, let’s clarify what exactly goes on at the annual knob throwing festival in Dorset. The Moores are the creators of this infamous bun, which they call the Dorset Knob, and each year a festival is celebrated which attracts thousands of visitors from across the country.

The event itself comprises of many different activities, although the most prominent one is that of knob throwing. Competitors try to beat and set new world records for throwing their knob furthest, with the latest record holder throwing his 92 feet!

There’s also a food and drink festival that coincides with the knob throwing, as well as a knob-and-spoon race, splat the knob, knob archery, knob eating contest, guess the weight of the knob and lots of other fun activities to make this a day out worth venturing to Dorset for. And who knows, maybe you’ll even set a new world-record with your knob-throwing abilities!

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