Image for Duns Ba: Celebrate This Week-Long Festival in Duns!

This historic and annual event begins on the first Friday of the first full week in July, every year.  The festival itself is a celebration and includes a whole manner of different activities including dancing, music, entertainment for children, sports and much more.

There is a display where the Reiver make their way up to the summit of Duns Law where a service begins to commemorate General Leslie and the Covenanters who stood their ground at the summit in opposition of King Charles I in 1639.

There is also a, at times violent, game of Handba which involves trying to get a leather ball through to the goal. It gets a little chaotic though as hoards of people fight and push their way through to grab the ball and claim victory.

The service will see people dressed up and it can be a brilliant week for anyone either in the area or interested in celebrating the history of Duns. And, thanks to the children’s entertainment that is on offer, families are more than welcomed to participate in the fun.

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