Image for Egremont Crab Fair & Gurning World Championships – Cumbria: Enjoy a Day of Festivities and Strange Faces

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Egremont Crab Fair had something to do with, well, crabs. It in fact began and gone its name from the crab apple which spring to life in September. The event will take place on Friday the 15th of September and will see a whole host of entertainment for you to enjoy.

The day will see some of the more traditional events, such as flower and vegetable shows, races, hound trails and equestrian events. There’s enough variety to keep families happy throughout the day until the main event begins around 6pm. The main event is of course the Gurning World Championships. Competitors put their face through a braffin, which is just a fancy word for a horse-collar, and then attempt to pull the most hideous face possible. The person who manages to look the worst is the winner. It’s almost like the opposite of a beauty pageant, except with a full day of entertainment to enjoy. Every year has different events and things to enjoy so turn up and see what surprises are waiting for you.

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