Image for Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship: Witness the Excitement a Bowl of Porridge Can Bring in Carrbridge!

If you don’t already start your day with a bowl of porridge then you should consider adding it into your diet. Not only is it relatively easy and simple to make, it also boasts a whole array of different health benefits making it the perfect fuel to get your day started.

In celebration of this fantastic meal, there is the annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship which is always held in Carrbridge. It’ll take place at the beginning of October and the main premise behind it is rather self-explantory.

Contestants can either make traditional porridge, or opt for the specialty category where the rules are more relaxed and you can throw in some dates or sticky toffee. The primary category to compete in however is the traditional porridge making section. There are strict rules to abide by and then three judges will taste and determine who has produced the finest, most delicious porridge. The winner will get the Golden Spurtle trophy and can spend the year basking in their ego as porridge champion.

It’s a fun day out with some additional things usually organized to provide a bit of extra entertainment although kids might not find it particularly exciting to watch people making porridge.

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