Image for Guy Fawkes Carnival: Live Music, Street Entertainers and Much More in Bridgwater!

The Guy Fawkes Carnival takes place on the 4th of November and is held annually in Bridgwater. The day starts early so if you’re going make sure you’re there by around 10am else you’ll miss out on some of the entertainment.

There really is something for everyone, as the streets come alive with a whole array of different street performers, marching bands and children’s entertainment. There’s also live music on one particular stage all day, with a selection of different bands playing elsewhere, and street theatre scattered around other parts of the town.

The carnival provides a lot of fun for practically anybody and it’s perfect for families and children. Their website will display a list of all the different acts that’ll be on the different stages throughout the day, although as of right now that information isn’t available as it’s still be decided on and organised.

So if the 4th of November is leaving you baffled with plans, head over to Bridgwater and enjoy a fascinating and entertainment-filled day.

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