Image for Hare Pie Scramble & Bottle Kicking Contest: Join the fun in Leicestershire!

The villages of Melbourne and Hallaton are proud to represent this strange, dangerous yet intriguing event every year. It consists of a lot of fun with the potential for a bit of danger.

Participation is probably not encouraged unless you’ve witnessed it at least once or twice so you know what you’re getting into, as broken bones aren’t all that rare during the chaos that ensues. The event generally starts with a village parade which consists of the locals carrying a large hare pie and three barrels or small kegs which are referred to as the “bottles”.  After a bit of a church service, and a sharing of some of the pie, the real fun kicks off with two teams, each trying to drag their “bottle” across a stream with almost no rules or limitations.

It can be incredibly tiresome and rough as the bottles are dragged over barbed wire, rocks, hedges, ditches and everything else which might get in your way. The victor gets to taste the beer before it’s handed out among the crowds. If you want a fun day out then find your way to Leicestershire and enjoy this crazy yet satisfying event involving pie and beer. What more could you want?

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