Image for Kempley Daffodil Festival: Raise Money and Embrace the Daffodil!

The annual Kempley Daffodil Weekend takes place over a Saturday and Sunday in the middle of March. The festival was originally started in 1975 to raise money for local churches and has since evolved and grown in popularity, now attracting visitors from far and wide.

All of the proceeds will go directly to the St Edwards Church and the Kempley Village Hall Restoration Fund and you’ll have lots of enjoyment in the process. There are dedicated walks you can take where you’ll be surrounded by daffodils and natural, serene beauty and there is a special “Daff-and-Ride” bus service which will help you traverse between the main sites. You’ll also be able to visit St Edward’s and St Mary’s church, where you can view all of the ancient frescoes that are preserved within.

The weekend can be a lot of fun and you’ll be raising money for the local community which is a nice added bonus to the antics. So if you’d like to immerse yourself with daffodils, a positive atmosphere and enjoy some delicious teas and lunches then pay Kempley a visit in March and see what fun awaits you.

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