Image for Knaresborough Bed Race: A Grueling Fancy Dress Race in Yorkshire!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I wonder what it would be like to race through a 2.4 mile course, which includes swimming, while being dressed in fancy gear and carrying a bed, which has a passenger on it” then the Knaresborough Bed Race is exactly the thing you’ve needed.

The magic happens at the beginning of June and involves around 90 teams. Each team consists of 6 runners and one passenger, so there are hundreds of people involved, not counting  the spectators. There is also a parade where the fashionably decorated beds are marched through the town before the event begins. People put so much effort into how their team and their bed look in fact, that there are awards for the best dressed given out before the race. The parade also features dance groups, marching bands and other entertainment.

Once the parade is over with, the beds are stripped of their décor and then the challenge begins. The course isn’t easy at all, especially when you’re carrying a bed with you. It’s hard and shouldn’t be attempted by people who might be deemed unhealthy. That said, it’s incredible fun to watch and experience, so it’s definitely worth popping down for a day of entertainment and bed racing.

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