Image for Lamplighter Festival: Light up the World with Your Lanterns!

The Lamplighter Festival takes place in Todmorden and is a spectacle that isn’t worth missing out on. It’s suitable for all ages, so families will love the diversity and entertainment that is available.

There are several workshops in the weeks leading up to the event; one of the most popular involves making your own lanterns for the parade. All of the materials are supplied and if you have no idea what you are doing, people will be on hand to guide you. The lantern-making work shop is also completely free, and works on a donation scheme.

There are also workshops such as learning how to do fire spinning or learning certain dances for the big day. Along with any entertainment that is organized, like street entertainers, there is also the parade which takes over the streets and provides an evening of magic. A whole host of different creations will bask in the public eye, from creative and amazingly detailed art works, to simpler productions or outfits.

The event is a hugely successful day for everyone involved and keeps growing and improving every year, so if your calendar is free, make sure you visit Todmorden on the 25th of November for a day you’ll cherish for a long time to come.

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