Image for Lincoln Sausage Festival: A Celebration of All Things Sausage!

No breakfast can be complete without the inclusion of a sausage, nor can the ridiculously tasty ‘Bangers & Mash’ dinner. Sausages are a vital part of British cuisine and as such this celebration should be taken seriously…or at least enjoyed as an opportunity to indulge in sausages and fun.

The festival takes place in and around the Lincoln Castle grounds in the middle of October and provides a fun day for all of the family. There will be cooking demonstrations as well as food stalls featuring some of the finest and high-quality produce Lincolnshire has to offer. There is also live music and children’s entertainment, so you can rest assured an enjoyable day for all ages.

One of the highlights of this sausage-filled day is the absolute abundance of sausages that you and buy, eat and take home to enjoy. There’s also a performance from fan-favourite, Mr Sausage, who single-handedly makes the journey to Lincoln worth it.

It’s a fun day that shouldn’t be taken overly seriously while being an opportunity to showcase some of the best sausages in the country. If you’re struggling for plans or want something different to experience, head over to Lincolnshire for a day of fun.

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