Image for Liquorice Festival: Celebrate the History of Pontefract With Added Liquorice!

The Pontefract Liquorice festival is held on the second Sunday of July, every single year. The aim isn’t so much to celebrate and focus on liquorice, despite Pontefract being the liquorice capital of England, as it’s more of a day to celebrate the arts, history and heritage of this charming town.

It begins with a wonderful procession which follows on into a day of incredibly skilled street performers, musical performances, craft workshops, fairground rides, art exhibitions and a few extra little surprises to keep you entertained. Of course no liquorice festival would be complete without the tasteful treat included, so you can also attend liquorice talks, liquorice market stalls and a selection of very rare liquorice plants you can purchase. If you want to make a full weekend of your getaway then consider arriving on the Saturday and spending half a day exploring the amazing castle grounds that reside in Pontefract too.

It’s said that King Richard II died there and it was a fearsome stronghold that was involved in all sorts of wars and famous sieges throughout the ages.

The whole day is perfect for families to enjoy a slightly bizarre themed festival, but with tons of entertainment to keep everyone smiling until the journey home.

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