Image for Lumiere Durham: Witness the Largest Lightshow in the UK!

November will see the Lumiere lightshow return to Durham, which quite frankly will leave you in awe and absolutely amazed at the spectacle. It sees a whole host of different artists show off their creative ability with magnificent light displays, with over 200,000 people attending the 2015 event.

The details haven’t been announced currently, but previous shows have included a whale, made up entirely of lights, swimming in the River Wear and a very impressive projection which gave the illusion hoards of people were climbing the viaduct.

Some of the most creative minds set out to produce light shows that will thoroughly blow your mind and the manner in which everything happens will definitely spark a child’s mind, making it a fantastic event for families to enjoy.

If you want to experience the magic that a lightshow can offer, definitely head over to Durham in November for what is known as the UKs largest light festival.  The weekend it spans across also makes it perfect for a weekend away to explore the area and discover a beautiful part of the UK.

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