Image for National Eisteddfod of Wales: Join a Mass Celebration of Music and Poetry in Wales!

This event might be slightly harder to enjoy if you don’t speak Welsh, as the competitions are all held in Welsh, however that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of this 8 day festival and celebration. It is traditionally held on the first week of August.

The location of the Eisteddfod festival changes every year, usually alternating between North Wales and South Wales, with this year seeing it being held in Anglesey in the North. The festival itself involves thousands of participants reciting their poetry or showing off their musical ability and it isn’t uncommon for crowds of up-to 150,000 people turn up over the course of the week.

It’s a hugely celebrated and welcomed festival for Wales and creates an incredibly pleasing atmosphere for anyone who attends. As mentioned, the lack of Welsh knowledge might confuse you during the competitions but all-in-all it makes for a fantastic week away, especially if you want to explore the stunning landscapes and gorgeous scenery that Wales has to offer.

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