Image for Northumbrian Gathering: Experience the Street Entertainers, Music, Dance and Much More!

This fantastic yet not entirely well known gathering always takes place the weekend after Easter and consists of a wide variety of cool entertainment to keep you bubbling with excitement.

The event takes place over three days and involves music, dance, indoor events, outdoor activities, heritage re-enactment, street performers and much more. You’ll struggle not to enjoy the vast variety of different things to do and see and above all the celebration of Northumberland heritage is great from an educational point of view. One of the best things is that every year, the festival adapts and evolves, so it’s constantly changing and growing as it needs to. Even more impressive is that the entire thing is run by volunteers.

Let your mind drift off as you enjoy the charming music dance through your ears and stare in awe at street performers who’ll dazzle and entertain you for the entirety of the weekend. Get yourself down to Morpeth for an experience you won’t soon forget.

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