Image for Obby Oss Day: A May Day Celebration in Padstow

May Day is celebrated in a rather peculiar way in Padstow, where an event, the origins of which are unknown, takes place every year. Starting at midnight on the night of 30th of April, the locals and anyone who wishes to visit and join in, begin to sing to the landlord of the Golden Lion Inn. This singing continues long into morning of the 1st of May as they meander their way through the town.

The next phase includes collecting flowers to display which are usually gathered by some early-rising volunteers. The flowers are then placed around the town. Around 8am you’ll witness children starting to parade their obby oss’s around the town to whet your appetite for the main event. Music is played and the Blue Ribbon obby oss starts the tour of Padstow, followed by the Old obby oss an hour later where the two dance together.

They parade through the town and get teased by members of the public, and people take it in turns to wear the outfit of the obby oss’s and begin getting teased themselves. It’s a fantastic day of fun and entertainment, and usually involves a lot of singing, dancing and a slight indulgence in alcohol.

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