Image for Onion Fayre: Show Off Your Leeks, Onions and Chives in Gloucestershire!

This event is for any budding vegetable grower who either wants to gasp in wonder at the magic onions has to offer, or who want to partake to see if they can win the prize money. At first glance, this event consists of many people showing off their prizes onions, leeks, chives and garlics. But underneath this there lies a much more entertaining day.

Along with the Onion Fayre, there is also live entertainment, street processions, fairground rides, exhibitions, dancing, animal displays and much more. Thanks to this varied entertainment, you can almost guarantee that any little family members will be engrossed and pleased with what’s on offer.

It takes place in September and is a day that will provide hours of fun and memories. You can also try your luck at the Onion Eating Competition, which sees people from far and wide clamber up on stage to devour a fresh, ripe, raw onion in all of its glory. However you might want to bring some toothpaste or mouthwash for afterwards…

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