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For three days in September, expect the unexpected in Great Yarmouth. The streets, St George’s Park, and any open spaces are fair game for a host of wacky, crazy, eye-popping, silly, funny, and sometimes a little bit scary street and circus artists from across the globe.

Watch Orbis perform their contemporary ritual which will force you to think about the moon in a whole new way. Help Cupid find love with the help of the Magical Campervan and its colourful occupants. Laugh as Coulrophobia clowns, Dik and Adam try to figure their way out of a cardboard world. Be Inspired by Spark who will capture your imagination with their mesmerising interactive drumming and light show.

You may encounter a trapeze artist swinging along the seafront, musicians bringing Marine Parade to life with a riot of sound and colour, or some extreme silliness in St George’s Park. Anything could happen, any place, any time in Great Yarmouth this weekend.

Most of the shows are free to attend, and you are guaranteed to love this very special event.

Parking: Park on the seafront or in the town

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