Image for Oxted Pram Race: Get Involved With Fancy Dress, Raising Money and a Little Drinking…

This annual event’s main purpose is to raise as much money as possible for charity. In 2016, over £4000 was raised for a variety of different charities and everyone who participated in the day was thoroughly satisfied. So, what’s involved?

First of all you need to register if you wish to take part. This involves paying an entry fee. After that you’ll need to assemble your fancy dress outfits, and find yourself a pram to decorate (in an outfit that’ll match your fancy dress theme). The rest is simple. Get your family and friends to sponsor you to run the distance of the race.

The catch is that not only will you be running with a pram, which in itself is enough to make the day enjoyable, but you’ll also be required to stop at each of the seven licensed premises along the way and down a drink as fast as you possibly can. As you can imagine, this can make the race a lot more enjoyable and if you’ve gone all out to decorate your pram and yourselves, then the day can be incredibly memorable (or maybe not, depending on the drinks you’ve consumed…)

It’s fantastic for a family outing and if you’ve got no plans in your diary, then head over to Oxted for this worthwhile day of entertainment.

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