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Paddle Round the Pier, or ‘Paddle’ to Brightonians is a set of fantastic events taking place on the water, the land, the sea and the sand surrounding Hove Lawns, Brighton. Together, these events make up the world’s biggest free beach and watersports festival.

Watersports enthusiasts show off their skills at swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing, and land sports enthusiasts will have plenty to do too. For them, there is free-running, freestyle mountain biking, and the all-new sport of land paddling.

We recommend heading down to Hove Lawns early on Sunday morning to see the ‘vessels’ that will be taking part in Paddle Something Unusual later in the day. Previous years entries have included aeroplanes, cranes, a bed, and even a shed. Even better – why not enter your own crazy vessel and make some money for a favourite good cause?

Mix in live music, kid’s entertainment, ‘have a go’ opportunities, and the old favourite Pier to Pier races, and a weekend of incredible fun is guaranteed, whether you choose to take part in the races, or cheer the participants on from the safety of dry land.

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