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Plymouth’s popular History Festival is an annual, month-long event celebrating the town’s history and heritage. Over 100 events will take place over the festival period, meaning that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Exhibitions will explore Plymouth’s experience of different eras such as the 1950s, the Blitz, and the time of Sir Francis Chichester.

Talks by history experts give you the chance to discover all about ‘Slander and Insults in Elizabethan Devon’, Winston Churchill’s ‘Secret Army’, and many other fascinating subjects.

Walks and tours around Plymouth and some of its best historic buildings will reveal details you could never have imagined, and the air will echo with the sounds of historic music from St Andrew’s Church.

Families will love the themed workshops, and events like ‘Royalty in Residence’ at Plympton Priory, featuring costumed characters, including knights in armour. Follow the ‘Historic Pub Crawl’ and then boogie the night away with a sixties themed talk and live music at the New Continental Hotel.

There really is an event to suit everyone, so check the programme for the full list, and book your place now.

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