Image for St David’s Day Parade: Join the Welsh Celebrations in Cardiff!

March 1st is home to the national St David’s Day parade and it’s an absolute must for anyone who is in Cardiff. The day sees a magical red and yellow carnival sweeping through Cardiff’s city centre and boasts an array of fascinating sights and scenes, from giant dragons traversing the streets to Tom Jones making an appearance.

The parade starts at 12:30 although it’s advisable to get yourself in front of city hall by around 12:00 to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. The whole country will be out to celebrate and once you arrive outside St David’s Hall at the end of the parade, you’ll be able to witness an amazing rendition of the national anthem.

It’s a day that certainly shouldn’t be missed as festivities span the afternoon with the Welsh proudly celebrating their history. Although if you happen to find yourself outside of Cardiff and unable to attend, then don’t worry too much as many towns across Wales will have their own local celebrations.

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