Image for Swaton Vintage Day (inc World Egg Throwing Championships): Egg Throwing and a Country Show!

Sunday 24th June is the date for the 2018 Swaton Vintage Day, which includes a whole host of different activities, including the infamous World Egg Throwing Championships. The ‘eggcitement’ that surrounds this day is truly something special, with people coming from across the world to take part.

The egg side of the day involves a preliminary heat, where teams throw and catch eggs, moving further apart with each successful catch. Drop or don’t catch the egg? You’re out. The top five teams progress into the finals, which is held around 4pm and takes place on the main stage. Throwing eggs involves much more than you’d think though. It’s not just throwing an egg; it’s perfecting your aim and getting the weight of your throw just right. You get points for hitting different body parts, but get nothing for a head shot.

There is also a fun run and a vintage vehicle show, which is very interesting when compared to cars and vehicles we have today. Each year this event raises thousands of pounds for charity and is the perfect venue for all of the family to enjoy something. Or if you’re feeling particularly brave you could opt to take park in the egg throwing madness, just don’t annoy your teammate too much with deliberate throws to the head…

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