Image for Sweeps Festival: A Blend of Music & Entertainment in Medway!

The Sweeps Festival is charming and enjoyable as you are welcomed with a mix of musical entertainment along with Morris sides and an array of dancing. It takes place in May, which nicely coincides with when Medway’s chimney sweeps could take a night off from getting covered in soot and let their hair down.

The three-day event is open to anyone to attend and even if you’re not an expert Morris dancer, you can still turn up and have lots of fun and enjoy a wildly entertaining atmosphere. You’ll witness the Widdershin Witches who will be around all weekend, sweeping away the negative energies, and helping to awaken “The Jack in the Green”.

If you like the idea of listening to live bands and music playing, getting involved with activities such as playing the piano and Morris dancing, browsing through an artisan produce fair and visiting the Huguenot Museum, then visit Rochester and enjoy a magical weekend.

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