Image for Tin Bath Championships: A Wet Day Out in the Isle of Man

Castletown hosts this annual event which sees participants try to cover a 400m distance in the habour using nothing more than a bath made of tin. It makes for a lot of fun, especially as some of the “boats” aren’t exactly fit for use. The event raises money for local charities and usually has a lot of spectators who are eager to cheer on the sinking tubs of tin.

As well as the main race there are also several different activities to witness and enjoy, including attempts at human-powered flight and a snake race around the harbour. If you’re interested in popping over to the Isle of Man for a visit, then the event takes place in July. Of course if you’re travelling all that way, it would make sense for you to explore the ancient capital of Castletown and see what secrets are hiding in the surroundings.

The day makes for great fun for families and can make for a welcome break if you’re not local and want a weekend away from the stress of daily life…plus watching a tin bath slowly sink as someone attempts to sail in it is rather enjoyable.

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