Image for Welsh Open Stone Skimming Championships: Can You Make it Among the Stoned?

People from all over the world have more than likely, at some point in their lives, thrown a pebble or stone over a pool of water in such a way that it skims or bounces across the surface. Well Llanwrtyd Wells, a small little village in the middle of Wales, holds a championship for just this sport.

It has evolved over the years and now the stones are manufactured to perfection, allowing competitors to all have a fair playing field without having to deal with the different shapes of rocks available naturally. There are a couple of different categories, one for previous winners, the “Stoned” category, and then the “Stoneless” which is designed for the less-experienced or newcomers to the sport. There are also different categories for different age-ranges and genders so that there aren’t huge disadvantages for participants.

The event will be very entertaining; however it’s advisable to get a bit of practice in before you register to take part, as the record holder currently stands at around 90 metres in distance for his throw.

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