Image for Whit Friday Brass Band Contest: Experience One of the Best Free Shows of the Year!

The Whit Friday Brass Band Contest is a highly anticipated event, especially within the musical world. Towns and villages all over the Pennines host the contest, and the sound of brass instruments being used for rehearsal echo throughout the landscapes in the lead up to the big day.

Over 100 bands take part, from new-comers to some of the best brass bands in existence, with some travelling from overseas just to take part. Each contest is then judged by someone who doesn’t actually watch the show, but listens to it from a dark room.

You’ll struggle to see each venue, as many roads are closed or diverted and parking can become a nightmare it certain areas, although if you’d like to visit a couple then you should succeed. If you’re a fan of brass bands and want to immerse yourself in an evening of pure magic and finely dressed musicians, then take a visit down to the Whit Friday Brass Band contest, it won’t be something you regret!

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