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Whitby Goth Weekend has been darkening the streets of the picturesque seaside town for seventeen years – in a good way, of course. Now a biannual event, the goth weekend is as popular as ever.

Whitby Pavilion is home to the weekend’s main events, usually running from Friday to Sunday nights. A host of official fringe events go on in local pubs, clubs and hotels, and there are plenty of unofficial events to discover too.

The Pavilion is the place to see the top acts. The popular Bizarre Bazaar sells all things Goth and Alternative at a number of venues around Whitby, including the Pavilion itself. Jewellery, art, music and clothing, all with a gothic twist are on sale.

And the Gothic glam isn’t limited to the main events – the whole town is taken over by black clad goth weekenders, steam punk fans, and even a few punks, bikers and metallers. There are some fantastic costumes on show and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and vibrant, despite the dark colours. Many people take a trip up the 199 steps on the Sunday morning (not too early, though) and pose for photos in the graveyard at the top.

If you’ve always been drawn to the dark side, you’ll feel like you’ve found your home at Whitby Goth Weekend.

Parking: Parking nearby in the town

Age Restrictions: Free for under 10's

Ticket: From £34 - Click here to buy tickets

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