Image for Woolsack Races: Join in With the Wool-Carrying Fun in Tetbury!

Sack races might bring back the memory of the sports day in school when you were a child, but this event in Tetbury is a lot more intense. The aim is to carry a big sack of wool as you race up and down a hill. There’s nothing more to it and the only reason to participate is to show the world that you’re strong enough to complete it.

Despite that, it’s incredibly popular and the event sees a lot of spectators. This isn’t the only area to get your entertainment from however, with a street fair which will keep you busy, amusement rides and street entertainers all vying for your attention.

Crowds of up to 5000 have been known to attend, which is brilliant for the local charities that funds are raised for during the day. You can either come and watch or if you’d like you can register to compete, although you’ll need a lot of strength in order to complete the challenge.

The event takes place in Tetbury, which is on the border of the Cotswold district and getting there is relatively hassle-free, especially thanks to the parking facilities that are made available for the day (for a small fee).

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