Image for World Bog Snorkelling Championships: Fancy Dress, Swimming and Live Music in Llanwrtyd!

The annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships might not sound overly enticing, what part of crawling around in a bog sounds appealing, but the day itself is a lot of fun. There is also slightly more to it than just turning up, swimming and going home. It takes place in a very small Welsh town of Llanwrtyd and really should be experienced at least once.

Most contestants dress up in some sort of fancy dress, so last year The Hulk made his attempt followed by Batman and Spiderman. Dressing up is part of the fun and makes it all the more enjoyable when your head in submerged and you’re trying to beat the world record time.

There is also live music, food and drink, a bouncy castle, crafts and stalls and more to keep everyone of every age entertained with a variety of things to occupy them. Sunday the 25th of August will see this years’ annual event and if you fancy plunging into a bog and unconventionally getting to the other side, make sure you don’t miss this fantastic day for the whole family.

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