Image for World Conker Championships: Become the Champion in Southwick!

The small village of Southwick hosts the annual World Conker Championships and it always takes place on the second Sunday of October.  You can sign up to participate yourself or you can join the hundreds of people who attend to spectate and enjoy the entertainment.

Teams of four can enter, and each will be pitted against other players following some basic rules. The main goal is to strike your opponents conker in an attempt to smash it. The two players will take it in turns striking and receiving blows before a winner is decided. Similar to most tournaments, the World Conker Championships follows a knock-out style tournament, so player’s progress and are eliminated until the final.

There’s also a championship for younger participants to enjoy too, along with an array of entertainment which will be announced nearer the time.

If you want to experience a fun day out, and perhaps even take part to see if you can be victorious and wear the infamous conker crown, then head over to Southwick in October for a great day out for everyone involved.

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