Image for World Dock Pudding Championship: Enjoy a Local Delicacy Found Only in Calder Valley!

Calder Valley is home to this little pudding, which quite surprisingly is rather popular. So popular in fact that there is an annual championship to decide who is the best at making it, although it’s not really known outside of Calder Valley.

The competitors will all make a traditional Yorkshire breakfast which will include the dock pudding, and then behind closed doors judges will decide on a winner. It’s easy to pop by and join the audience, watching everything unfold while also tasting different delicacies and having a tipple of drink whilst you’re at it.

It takes place on Sunday 22nd April and provides a fun day out for almost anybody, especially thanks to the inclusion of food and drink stalls (although the highlight is the Dock Pudding!). Winners of all ages have been announced and if you want to learn the recipe and see if you can master it, you could even try your hand at competing.

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