Image for World Gravy Wrestling: A Messy Day of Culinary Juices and Wrestling in Lancashire!

So there are some strange events that take place in the world. The UK alone would have seen the annual Worm Charming Championships by this point of the year, although a rather strange one is the World Gravy Wrestling event.

The name is rather self-explanatory; it’s a day of people wrestling, in a pool of gravy. If that isn’t enough to entice you to a visit to Lancashire then perhaps you should consider signing up to take part. For the most part, the whole day is just for fun.

Two contestants will wrestle with each other for two minutes and then will be scored based on moves used and the crowds’ response throughout the match. A winner shall then be crowned and the loser can take a nice shower.

If you don’t want to participate in this messy day, then it would be an obligation to fulfill to yourself and your family to witness it. After all, how often do you get the chance to see people wrestle in pools of gravy? The event takes place on the bank holiday Monday in August every year. Go on, write that date down in your diary…

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