Image for World Nettle Eating Championship: A Strangely Entertaining Event in Marshwood, Dorset!

At the Bottle-Inn in Marshwood, there is an event which might not be something you’d think of when you think of things to do. That event is the World Nettle Eating Championships. It’s expected to be on the 29th of July, although this is subject to change depending on the nettle harvest.

Contestants turn up from all over the country, and even further, to take part in this weird and wonderful day. You can either spectate or if you’re feeling confident then register to compete. The aim is to eat as many 2ft long stalks of nettles as possible within one hour. The record holder munched his way through a total of 86ft of stinging nettles back in 2016 so you’d have to have quite the appetite if you fancy your chances.

As to be expected with stinging nettles, as you devour them, you might experience a slight stinging sensation in your mouth but apparently this isn’t too bad, and you quickly get used to it. It’s a day of complete and utter madness, that attracts loads of people who either compete or go to witness the event fold out for themselves…and yes, you read that previous part right…86ft of nettles. Effort is required!

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