Image for World Pasty Championships: Release Your Inner Pasty in Cornwall!

The Cornish are famous for their ability to produce the finest savoury delicacy you are likely to let your taste buds enjoy – the Cornish Pasty! Held on the closest Saturday to St Piran’s Day (named after the patron saint of Cornwall), it’s the day the world comes together for the hotly anticipated World Pasty Championships. You can attend the day and enjoy the atmosphere as some of the world’s finest bakers battle it out to be crowned number one, or if you’re feeling brave you can enter the championships yourself and show the world your skills!

There are two main categories to be considered; one is for Cornish pasties and the other is the open savoury categories. The reason behind this is only a pasty maker based in Cornwall, following the strict Cornish rules of the traditional recipe, can make a genuine Cornish pasty. The rest of the world can compete with pasties brimming with less traditional fillings. So if you fancy yourself as quite the pasty master, why not submit an entry and see if you can become the King of the World Pasty Championships!

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