Image for World Snail Racing Championships: Experience the Fun, Yet Slow, Excitement in Norfolk!

If you’ve ever seen a snail, then you’ll know they aren’t blessed with the gift of speed, which is probably what makes a race involving snails all the more entertaining. The championships take place in the town of Congham in Norfolk.

So what does this day entail? Well, as the name suggests, the stars of the show will be snails, more specifically, carefully selected snails that people have nurtured into racing machines. Some owners tend to decorate their snails’ shell to make them ‘pop’ and shine in the limelight. They are then placed within a small circle, with larger circles encompassing them, and the first snail to reach the exterior circle is crowned the winner. A previous years’ winner, Herbie 2, covered all 13 inches of the course in 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

It’s a great day for kids to enjoy and can help educate them on how lovely snails can be and how important they are to our eco-system, even if they do tend to eat our beautiful flowers and munch on our vegetables.

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