Image for World Stone Skimming Championships: Skim Stones at Easdale Island!

The championships are held every single year on the last Sunday of September, in this case that being the 24th. Easdale Island has the perfect location thanks to its history of being a slate mining area, with one of the disused quarries making the perfect arena to skim stones in.

The event is open to anybody. People of any age and any skill level can participate and you’ll be allowed 3 attempts to skim a carefully and specially selected stone. Your throw will be judged depending on the distance the stone travels before it sinks, however it must bounce or “skim” the water at least 3 times to be registered as successful.

If you’d like to take part in this fun day then make sure you register as soon as possible, as there is a limit of 350 people. This get filled up quickly and unfortunately entries can’t be made once this figure has been reached due to the time it takes people to have their three turns.

If you’d like to make a full weekend out of it, then arrive at Easdale Island the day before, so on Sunday the 23rd, to experience the Pre-Skim party. It features a licensed bar, dancing and live music to entertain kids and adults alike.

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