Image for World Worm Charming Championships: Worm Your Way to Willaston for Some Fun!

There are some pretty bizarre events that take place around the world, and this one certainly has to be near the top for one of the strangest. The whole concept of it is to try and “charm” as many worms out onto the surface of a designated plot within a given time limit. The winner is the person who has managed to charm the most.

It sounds strange, bizarre and ultimately like a fantastic day out for anyone – or a bird. Some people have managed to charm over 450 worms out in one session, which is quite frankly an achievement in itself. Have you ever seen that many worms in one place before? Clearly, the charming techniques have been mastered and at some point might have been useful for something other than a championship.

Many different methods are used, although you’re not allowed to directly dig them up; you’re limited to using vibrations to encourage them to the surface. If it sounds like the kind of thing you’d excel at or even if you think it’d be fun to witness, then get yourself down to Willaston for a day of “worming” around.

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